I know what Jim would do.... lol
Friday, November 17, 2023, 09:11

Still trying to trade for this odd old Winchester. It's slick, being a pre-64, but an unusual one. They really didn't catch on, the "rifle" version with pistol grip. Any scope would have to be side mounted, which actually works ok, but seem a little awkward. It's best suited for a nice receiver sight. But it is soooo long! It feels unusual compared to the nice little 20" M94 saddle guns we are so used to. It was a nice idea that was not very well accepted. They did have a fancier version with checkering and a rare 20" version too. I know many are seen in .32 Win. Special cal. (8mm - .321" !) that seem to be the preferred models.

I was having a little fun with cropping the pictures...


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