That oozes character! I like the 25-35
Saturday, November 18, 2023, 09:41

I have a single shot custom Martini 310 in the caliber. Gary's .256 Falcon is basically a .25-35 Uber Improved. You cannot fireform by firing the .25-35, I've tried, they split. But necking a .30-30 to .257 does fine on once fired cases.

In the TC it gives near .257 Roberts performance in the single shot handgun!

Once at the Y-O ranch, my hunting partner Doug, took an Encore in .25-35 WCF with factory 117 gr. FN bullets. At perhaps 1800-1850 fps. He laid waste to a pile of cull little TX Whitetails. All shots were clean through with minimal meat damage and no chasing wounded critters! Low recoil and actually pretty flat shooting, a long .257 bullet is hard to stop.

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