Now it's a .30-30, not a .32. Right now
Friday, November 17, 2023, 19:25

it's technically Doug's. He sold it to a guy but when it was delivered via UPS it had the toe broken off and the pistol grip had a chunk out of it. I repaired it all soundly and you can see the line on the grip if you look, but it's good and blended pretty well. I think it was made about WWII. My stuff showed right about the war, 1940 - 45, but I know the war interrupted production.

I have an old post-64 "Antique model" M94 20" that has some small outer pitting and I was going to sell it and a couple other things to pay Doug so I would not have to explain all that stuff to a potential buyer, who might be picky. It's a good shooter and would be a great candidate for a custom.

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