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If I recall correctly...
Saturday, November 18, 2023, 07:00

the model 64's were all pre-war (WWII that is). I know the old family rifle was built in '37 and in 25-35 Winchester. I've always liked long barrels, but never had a horse so horseback carry and handiness was never an issue. The 25-35 is a VERY accurate rifle and back in the day our example was used to take every legal game animal species in Arizona. It's been a bit of a hex on me in that I've never seen a deer when carrying it, but my brother got his first whitetail with it and it's still up to the task if the shooter is.

The buttstock on this one is in far worse condition than yours. I think it was whittled out of a two by four with a jackknife. But that doesn't affect the function!


I'm a peaceful man and prefer the pursuit of peaceful sports. Those involving teams and balls of any sort tend to be deleterious to one's body and promote violence by both spectators and participants.

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