I just cannot fathom, a lot of things, but why
Thursday, March 16, 2023, 08:20

Does an AR platform which can be had for say $800 or so go, in gas operated semi-auto form, up to $2000 when it's adapted to a bolt action? It defies all understanding to me.

With modern CNC an aluminum castings or machining on the unstressed receiver portion (it only houses and carries the bolt assy which locks into the rear of the barrel) surely someone can pull it off at a better price point. All polymer and no fitting or final machining, just interchangeable components. It's not like inletted wood and bedding of an action as in the classic rifle. Yet it's capable of astonishing precision accuracy, a shooting machine. I'm looking into making a "straight-pull" hunting rifle myself and the parts are out there. It won't throw my $1 SOCOM empty brass in the bushes.

(Not currently in production)

I'd love to see these guys figure out that adapting the AR platform into a fine, accurate, repeating rig, might be a profitable endeavor with minimal cost. Plus it would take all the fizz out of those that only know AR as a negative, even the uneducated. Personally I think many would seek the precision over outright firepower. It's cheaper to feed too.

Cool, simple, but just too rich for what you get in my view. Probably $5k-$6k as shown!

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