Gary Reeder
Why would anyone go to the trouble of building
Thursday, March 16, 2023, 14:06

a bolt gun when you can buy a Mossberg MVP that will outshoot almost any semi auto out there and most high dollar bolt guns and do so at half the price of building one. Plus it takes the AR magazine.
All these young folks building their own guns with no serial numbers are what has got the ATF on all gun owners. We get one or two of these yoyos in the shop every week wanting us to put a serial number on it for them, which we won't do.
Gun building needs to be left up to the gun manufacturers, not your brother-in-law in his garage. These guys build the ghost gun ARs and sell them to their friends, which is illegal. The ATF says you can have one gun with no serial number (Ghost gun) but you cannot sell it or trade it off, yet you see these ghost guns by the dozens at gun shows. And this is what gets the ATF after all gun owners.
These gun builders don't seem to realize that building a gun is more than slapping some parts together. Who is going to accept the liability if it blows up and hurts someone, or if it is used in a crime and then the ATF comes to your door. Plus what garage gun builder has the equipment to make sure the gun will handle the high pressure levels of some of the new cartridges.
It all comes down to who wants to accept the responsibility, and unfortunately the young crowd doesn't. They just want to tell their buddies they are a gunsmith.

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