Mike H.
This one is a marvel in immortal funky. The
Saturday, March 18, 2023, 09:11

blowback works due to bolt mass, where what bolt you can see has two heavy rails extending forward, and those rails end in what best can be described as an upside-down mirror image of the bolt, the rails and that forward section hidden under the forend wood. The front section is counterbored and has a guide rod with spring around it which faces aft, and plugs into the front of receiver to power the bolt. That bolt is all one massive machined forging. It blew my mind 10yrs ago when I bought this thing, to see the hammer, trigger, sliding sear block (like a pump shotgun) and even magazine lock, were all machined forgings. If this is funky, I want more funky guns made. That rear barrel band/rear sight base is machined integral with the barrel.

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