Mike H.
It is a Brno alphabet soup 611. This one was
Saturday, March 18, 2023, 07:54

a Montana rancher truck gun for 20yrs before he sold it to me. They only made them from circa 1993-2003, they were too expensive to sell well. In 1993 they were $600 and nicest bolt action from same company was $300.

The best ones were made earlier and have stamped import marks, later ones had lased whitish import marks. There also was a cheaper later version marked as 611A which I would not recommend. The best ones were imported by Bavarian Arms out of CA and Magnum Research in MN.

Being highly desired and out of print, current prices are really high, and magazines are going for insane amounts, $300 for a 10rd and $150-$200 for 5rd, and buyer beware even on those as when production stopped, somebody else bought tooling and produced a knockoff of mags and guns, and neither as good as original.

A "good" price for one nowadays is under $800 for an obviously used one. Compared to how modern guns made and their prices, it still would be a bargain, they shoot 1-1.5MOA depending on ammo. They also take down like a Marlin 39A for cleaning/travel.

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