Mike H.
As for reliability, Tom Knapp used one in exhibition,
Saturday, March 18, 2023, 11:13

his gun was gussied up a mite. That is an early Bavarian Arms import from circa '93 and years before Knapp shot for CZ, and my assumption is CZ-USA scounged it up and decorated/refinished it for him since CZ was formed from what remained of Brno after bankruptcy. Some of the early guns have a purple cast to lowers as a different steel was used for lowers and one blueing formulation did not cut it for entire gun. Looking at mine, and interior left in the rough, it also appears to be a forged machining, no part lines or sprues to be found. Knapp's purple lower may have been due to the refinish, I say this as mine is about 500 numbers earlier than Knapp's and no purple at all.


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