We need a 40 GNR
Sunday, September 18, 2022, 01:05

Many jurisdictions only allow straight-wall centerfire cartridges during rifle season. And many of those have a 1.80" case-length maximum.

Such a cartridge based on the ubiquitous 30-30 family of brass makes good sense as the cheapest, most readily available rimmed brass. Both the 400 GNR and the 375 Win are straight-wall cartridges in the 30-30 family, but both exceed the 1.80" case limitation. Hence, I think we need a shorter version of the 400 GNR, call it the 40 GNR.

I'd propose one of the following case lengths for the 40 GNR:

1.29" - to match the common magnum pistol cartridges
1.383" - to match 454 Casull
1.61" - matching 357 maximum and the supermagnums
1.80" - maxing out the 1.80" allowance

A 1.29" case length would allow chambering in most any common revolver, though it's pretty close to being a 401 power mag.

A 1.383" case length can offer something unique to the market, and if cut-down 375 Win brass is used, something approaching Casull pressures can be used. Would be too long to chamber in Smiths, but Blackhawks and Redhawks would work fine.

A 1.61" case could still be chambered in stretch framed revolvers, while approaching carbine power-levels

A 1.80" case obviously maxes out the limit. I'd expect this to cycle best in any lever actions previously chambered for 400 GNR, though much to long to chamber in any revolver.

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