Yes .414 would be a unperceivable taper
Tuesday, September 20, 2022, 07:39

to a .400" bullet. The .30-30 gets thicker a bit as it gets shorter. Of course inside neck reaming will fix about anything. But your "easy" goes away.

I discussed the .400 GNR chamber dimensions after he built it for Gary and there were some machining and extraction limitations that went into the final design. A literal "straight wall" chamber can cause problems so most designers have at least a couple thousandths taper. The .30-30 is only so big at the rear web so that is one limit, then at the other end you have a .400" bullet plus the case wall thickness X 2 sides for the required chamber mouth. Then the lead into the rifling. There is more to it than what most think. That is why it cost so much in money and TIME. You have to have roughers and finishers not to mention dies.

I'll get back to tinkering and see what a .30-30 cut off at 1.75" looks like. The .400 GNR should shoot it and you can even load it with 10mm or .40 S&W dies, if you are good.

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