Gary Reeder
No problem. All it takes is 12 to 14 months and $2000
Sunday, September 18, 2022, 14:42

piece of cake. A straight case in 40 caliber already exists. It is the 10mm Magnum, but not extremely powerful. At 1.24 brass and 1.54 total length, you are still almost identical in size and length to the 41 Magnum but still less power. The ancient 401 Power Mag was a 40 caliber but less power than the 41 Magnum, which is why it died on the vine. And the thought below of making it straight wall but neck it down to .429. You can't have a straight wall and neck it down too. One or the other. And if you want something in .429, you already have it in the 445 Super Mag. And if you want something less length than the 30-30 case but with the power of the 454, it sure won't be a 40 caliber.

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