Gary Reeder
I started to get into this "conversation" but
Tuesday, September 20, 2022, 13:33

thought better of it. My suggestion was keep it simple and go with a 445 Super Mag. My problem was those trying to get 454 Casull power out of a 30-30 cut down and chambered in 40 caliber. It ain't gonna happen. The 30-30 case is a good one but not as strong as some other common caliber brass. It wasn't meant to be as hunters a hundred years ago didn't need 454 power to kill a deer or black bear. To keep your brass to 1.6 keeps your powder capacity to a somewhat minimum.
Years ago Kase and I hunted a lot with our 30 Herretts which is a 30-30 case cut to 1.6". I tried to boost the power of the 30 Herrett up trying to hit the 2500 FPS mark and just ended up splitting the neck and shoulder of the case plus my accuracy went downhill. The 30 Herrett was a 125 grain bullet at 2200 fps. I hate to list energy as it is a mythical figure. Energy does not exist, period. That is why so many folks go by John Pondoro Taylor's TKO figures. It is much more realistic than energy figures as energy is solely dependent upon speed.
Anyway the 30 Herrett has 1300 FPE (energy) The 454 Casull is a 240 grain bullet at 1900 with 1955 FPE (energy). But anyone that has shot a 454 knows there is a helluva lot of difference in the two. Kase at 10 years old could handle the 30 Herrett with no problem at all, but I would never have given him a 454. My rambling here is mainly to get the point across that you are not going to get 454 Casull power out of a cut down 30-30 case chambered to 40 caliber.

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